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Be2+(Beryllium) (2016)

for two acoustic guitars and synthetic electronic sounds.


Heliodor (2016)

for two acoustic guitars.

In the sound world of Be2+(Beryllium), a central sonority comprised of a harmonic cloud of synthetic sounds coordinates the revolution of two guitar entities, which react to it through the uttering of obsessive and sometimes eccentrically imitative musical textures. The work starts dwelling in a certain state of harmonic indefinition, and little by little it adventures itself through the pitch space until meeting a final encounter with a timbral structure of irresistible appeal, albeit somewhat toxic. This harmonic “adventure” includes seventeen stages, each one made out of the amalgam of nine pitch aspects selected from the contents of the frequency spectra of two different notes of definite pitch.
For this work, a general sonority was conceived in which the guitars are ideally to be played naturally, that is, without amplification, and the pre-recorded part of synthetic electronic sounds was designed to sound like an otherworldly Indian tambura, played by an imaginary musician sitting right behind the guitar players.
The name of the piece refers to the particular situation in which a divalent cation of the chemical element Beryllium finds itself, where a solitary duo of electrons orbits a nucleus of nine mass-bearing components, among protons and neutrons.

Eventually, it is also possible to play just the instrumental guitar parts, without the electronic sounds. In this case, the piece is to be called Heliodor, which is a greenish-yellow variety of beryl, a naturally occurring mineral composed mostly of beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate: Be3Al2(Si O3)6.


score: recording:


score: recording:

Guitars: Willian Lentz; Eric Moreira.
Recorded in oct/2017 at the Laboratory of Music, Sonology and Audio (LaMuSA) of Embap/Unespar in Curitiba-PR, Brazil.
Prise de son: Antonio Spoladore;
Montage and masterization: Marcus Bittencourt.

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