composer, pianist, music theorist


Chimaera (1999)

electroacoustic music; computer-generated recording.
Duration: 13' 54''
Channels: 2

Composed with bits and pieces of sounds from real wind instruments, this work presents the life and adventures of a huge sound monster made of amalgams of all sorts of sonic entities, including thick walls of cluster sounds made up with 20,000 horns.

In the words of Chris Bailey:
Like a snarling dragon, rising from the deep,
Chimaera looms before us, breathing fiery,
massive plumes of grungy, noise-laced audio;
vast skyscraper chords - hundreds of horns or
piccolos playing at once, the twittering machine,
exploding out of control …

This work has been included in the Electric Music Collective CD Defiant of 2004.


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