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Dharmapala (2008-2010)

eight pieces for a solo live player and live electronics.

Dharmapala is a collection of eight musical works for a solo instrument and live electronics which presents itself as a closed improvisational sound environment, implemented with the computer software Pure Data. Some of its pieces have been performed several times with the composer as soloist, including a concert at the Third International Pure Data Conference (PDcon09). At that event, two pieces of the collection were demonstrated in a paper presentation containing the inspiration and concept for the piece, followed by explanations on its internal construction, its implementation in Pure Data, and remarks and instructions on the live performance of the pieces.

Dharmapala V: Mahakala received the FUNARTE Classical Composition prize of 2010, given by the Brazilian Ministry of Culture.

Dharmapala I: Yamantaka (the Conqueror of Death)
Dharmapala II: Palden Lhamo (the Goddess)
Dharmapala III: Vaisravana (the God of Wealth)
Dharmapala IV: Tshangs Pa (White Brahma)
Dharmapala V: Mahakala (the Black One)
Dharmapala VI: Hayagriva (Horse-Necked)
Dharmapala VII: Begtse (the God of War)
Dharmapala VIII: Yama (the God of Death)

Dharmapala V: Mahakala (the Black One)

for pianica and live electronics (2010)

score: recording:

Pianica: Marcus Bittencourt

Dharmapala I: Yamantaka (the Conquerer of Death)

for berimbau and live electronics (2008)

Berimbau: Marcus Bittencourt

Dharmapala II: Palden Lhamo (the Goddess)

for electronic oscilator and live electronics (2008)

Oscilator: Marcus Bittencourt

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