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The Music Creation Group from LAPPSO

05/2009 to present date.
State University of Maringá, Paraná, Brazil.
University Extension Project:
The Music Creation Group from the Laboratory for Research and Audio Production.
coordinator: Prof. Dr. Marcus Alessi Bittencourt.

The Music Creation Group from the Laboratory for Research and Audio Production is a University Extension project coordinated by Prof. Bittencourt, to which participate several professors and students of the State University of Maringá. With its activities placed under the aegis of the Music Department's Laboratory for Research and Audio Production (LAPPSO-UEM), the project has as objectives the production of music compositions, scholarly research, events, workshops and university extension courses, as well as new Music concerts and recitals for the internal and external university community, through actions that aim at providing for students, professors and other interested people a forum of discussion and exchange of ideas and experiences in the field of Music creation, mainly in the field of technology applied to Music creation. This project offers regular software and computer-programming language workshops, master classes related to Music Composition, as well as demonstration sessions of research and other projects created either at the laboratory or with the help of its infrastructure.
This project aims at attracting the attention of potential collaborators, researchers, future students, etc., to the activities of the laboratory, which congregate the Music Department's research and creation efforts in the field of Music Composition. As such, the Music Creation Group helps to cultivate a steady interest for the laboratory's activities, and to gather attention and human resources for its undergraduate research program and for the Music Composition Major undergraduate course of the State University of Maringá.

Educational Radio Broadcasts

2007 to 2008.
State University of Maringá Radio Station,
106.9 MHz FM, Maringá-PR, Brazil.
Radio Show:
Tábula-Rasa .
“A panorama of Contemporary Music from all aesthetic orientations and styles”.
34 weekly episodes of 55 minutes each, written, produced and hosted by Marcus Bittencourt.

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