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a Linux distribution.

Currently, I have been developing at the Laboratory of Research and Audio Production (LAPPSO) of the State University of Maringá-Paraná, Brazil, a Linux distribution for audio work which consolidates the magnificent software collecting work done at Stanford University by the Planet CCRMA project, plus several other additions, into a very specialized Fedora installable, live re-spin. The LAPPSO-Linux distribution comes in two main flavors: a light version (LAPPSO-Lettuce) which comes as an installable Live-CD containing a smaller software collection geared for personal student work in the undergraduate courses at UEM, and a heavy-duty version (LAPPSO-Steak) which comes as an installable Live-DVD containing a real-time Linux kernel and a considerably larger collection of software, intended for system installation and uniformization for all of our studio computer machines. Both versions include a huge assortment of computer music and audio production tools such as Pure Data, RTcmix, SuperCollider, Ardour, NOTAM software, all loaded with a considerable amount of libraries and LADSPA plugins.

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