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Malédiction (2001)

for piano and unmanned ensemble (automated live electronics controlled by the pianist).

This is a concerto for solo piano and an electroacoustic acousmatic orchestra. The acousmatic orchestra is an automatic engine implemented with the software Pure Data, and is controlled by the very pianist during the execution of the piece. These are the program notes for the piece:

Malèdiction, malheur, fatalité.
At a certain point we all doubt Godot will ever show up.
One can try to remain calm even though sometimes that … is just not an option.
Until something else can be devised, until a second order, Maiakovsky's old prescription
will have to do:
“I shall forget the year, the day, the date.
I shall lock myself up with a sheaf of paper.”
“You think malaria makes me delirious?”

score: recording:

Piano: Marcus Bittencourt

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