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A Mobile (2000)

a cycle of 10 pieces for solo violin.

In ten vignettes, two weeks of the intimacy of a lonely person, the sole master of a deserted nation, declaimed by a lonely instrument: some readings by Mário de Andrade, cryptic messages drifting afloat on a proverbial sea, a stroll in the park, and three failed trials of self-portraiting at the shadow of an angel-like figure. As a motto, Mayakovski:

I raised it like a strong man,
carried it like an acrobat.
So I called out:
“Here it is! Here! Take it!”
The ladies shied away from me
like a rocket:
“We'd prefer something smaller;
we'd rather have a tango …“
I cannot bear the burden - but I bear it.
I should like to throw it down - but I know
I shall not throw it down!
My ribs' staves will not stand the thrust.
The cage of the chest cracks under the strain.

Vladimir Mayakovski (1893-1930)

List of Pieces:

I. Estandarte (Banner)
II. Telegrama no. 1 (Telegram no. 1)
III. Arboreto (Arboretum)
IV. Losango Cáqui (Khaki Lozenge)
V. Telegrama no. 2 (Telegram no. 2)
VI. Primeiro Espelho (First Mirror)
VII. Second Espelho (Second Mirror)
VIII. Trezentos e Cinquenta (Three Hundred and Fifty)
IX. Figura Alada (Winged Figure)
X. Espelho Último (Last Mirror)

score: recording:

Violin: Simona Cavuoto

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