composer, pianist, music theorist


Telemetry (2005)

electroacoustic music; computer-generated recording.

Duration: 5' 44''
Channels: 2

Concerning Telemetry, I am always astonished to how much my conception of “the sounds of the future” is tied to the Past, to the old sound effects of sci-fi movies, cartoons and TV adventure series I imbibed myself with when I was a child: robotic bleeps, swooshing spacecrafts, ray beams, computer panels. That may explain my enduring fascination for sounds of telemetry of all sorts. With this piece, I found an excuse to play with sounds of real telemetry by satellites and space probes like Sputnik and Polyot, as well as some sounds transmitted by the Huygens probe when it landed on the surface of Saturn's Titan moon in January 2005. The algorithms used to manufacture this piece were developed specially for this project, and served to fragment and recombine the telemetry sounds into a variety of sound objects, spatializing the results into swooshing dancing orbits across the multichannel field.


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