composer, pianist, music theorist


Aquamarine (2016)

electroacoustic music; computer-generated recording.
Duration: 11' 36''
Channels: 2

Aquamarine reworks the sound world of Be2+(Beryllium), where a harmonic cloud of synthetic sounds coordinates the revolution of two plucked-string entities, which react to it through the uttering of obsessive and sometimes eccentrically imitative musical textures. The work starts dwelling in a certain state of harmonic indefinition, and little by little it adventures itself through the pitch space until meeting a final encounter with a timbral structure of irresistible appeal, albeit somewhat toxic. This harmonic “adventure” includes seventeen stages, each one made out of the amalgam of nine pitch aspects selected from the contents of the frequency spectra of two different notes of definite pitch.

If the original work for two guitars and electronic sounds had a small, more intimate chamber music directive, the spatialization of Aquamarine aims for a large swirling ambiance, with the 12-tone equal-temperament guitar sounds of the original piece exchanged for the microtonal utterings of a temperamental and surreal effervescent harp. On the name of the piece, Aquamarine is a greenish-blue variety of beryl, a naturally occurring mineral composed mostly of beryllium aluminium cyclosilicate: Be3Al2(Si O3)6.


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