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Bathyscaphe (2005)

for ring-modulated piano and electroacoustic orchestra.

This is a concerto for solo ring-modulated piano and an electroacoustic acousmatic orchestra. The acousmatic orchestra is an automatic engine implemented with the software Pure Data, and is controlled by the very pianist during the execution of the piece. The sounds of the piece were created with custom-made software by the composer himself, and its microtonal harmony is based on the principle of creating sidebands through adding and subtracting modulator frequencies to the main 12-et pitches.

“Pour vivre l'homme doit lutter.
C'est vers la limite du réalisable
que doivent tendre ses efforts”

Auguste Piccard (1884-1962)
(inventor of the Bathyscaphe)

score: recording:

Piano: Marcus Bittencourt

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