composer, pianist, music theorist


Cahier de Bourges: Quatre Esquisses Sonores (2004-2007)

electroacoustic music; computer-generated recording.

Duration: 21' 59''
Channels: 6 (L, R, SideL, SideR, BackL, BackR)

The Cahier de Bourges is a collection of four older stereo pieces, adapted and assembled as a cycle and remixed for a multi-channel hexaphonic format. It was premiered at a concert of the ÉuCuE XXVIII series on Feb/11/2010 at Concordia University, Montréal, Canada. The movements of the cycle are:

I) Aquaeductus
II) Rabo-de-Arraia
III) Nostalgia
IV) Telemetry

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